Understanding Allison Torque Converters

Understanding Allison Torque Converters

Among the most critical components of a modern vehicle is the transmission. For the driver, there are several different choices of transmissions. You can choose from manual or automatic transmissions. Among the popular transmissions are Allison torque converters. These transmissions are designed to provide excellent power and torque for the driver’s vehicle.

GVW and GCW ratings

Whether you buy a vehicle or a transmission, you need to look for a transmission that matches your truck’s GVW and GCW ratings. This helps to ensure that you get the most for your money. While there are many different types of transmissions, Allison offers a wide range of options for various applications.

Allison’s fully automatic transmissions are designed to meet operating requirements better than other transmissions. They feature patented Continuous Power Technology, which helps use engine power more efficiently. They also help to reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel economy. You will also notice that they can handle any ground condition. This is because they can achieve the right amount of traction for the load.

Allison’s B 400 models also feature several other advanced features. These include a power assist, which reduces shift effort by up to 60%. This helps to make the vehicle a lot more fuel efficient and gives you faster acceleration. The models also monitor acceleration and alert you when to activate lockup. The models also blend with the vehicle’s service brakes.


Having an Allison TC-210 torque converter can increase the performance of your gas or diesel engine by at least five percent while at the same time increasing your mileage by a substantial amount. This is because a torque converter can deliver more power to the wheels. In addition, Allison torque converters are designed for the most challenging terrains. They also boast of being easy to maintain.

Fortunately, these converters are available at many transmission parts stores. The trick is to pick a suitable converter for your vehicle. There are five different versions of the Allison TC-210. They have a horsepower range of 300 to 550 and a torque range of 1800 to 3000 rpm. This allows them to be used in gas, diesel, and hybrid engines.

The best part is that they are easy to find. One of the best places to find them is Xcalliber, an independent manufacturer of Allison transmission parts. They have a wide selection of stock and rebuilt Allison (R) transmissions.

Fitz Equipment Co. Inc.

Whether you’re looking for a torque converter for racing, heavy-duty towing, or daily driving, Fitz Equipment Co. Inc. has a converter that fits your needs. Their converters are engineered to improve fuel economy and performance. They also offer a variety of torque converters that are built to work with various transmissions.

Whether you’re looking for an Allison torque converter for stock-deleted vehicles or a converter for a stock-deleted truck, Fitz Equipment Co. Inc. can provide you with the torque converter that will work best for you. They also offer a variety of converters that are designed to work with diesel engines. They are also known for their manufacture of high-quality OE-style transmissions. They even manufacture transmissions for Ford Super Duty and Dodge Cummins.

When looking for a torque converter, it’s essential to know that each converter has a specific stall speed. This will determine how stable the converter is when you’re at part throttle. Also, you’ll want to consider a torque converter that uses a billet stator since it can resist damage from brake stalling.

Investing in Fitz Equipment Co. Inc. Allison torque converters can improve your truck’s efficiency, acceleration, and pulling power. In addition, these torque converters are American-made and come with a lifetime, non-transferable warranty.

During the re-manufacturing process, Fitz Equipment Co. Inc. technicians will keep the original parts together to maintain the quality of the build. They also make sure that the components are matched. They also ensure that the torque converter is spaced correctly, guaranteeing optimal performance.

After the torque converter is assembled, it’s filled with transmission fluid to help prevent rust on the internal components. This prevents early failure when exposed to humidity. Fitz Equipment Co. Inc. also offers a lifetime, non-transferable warranty on all their torque converters.

The LML Allison is a strict version of the Allison capable of 550 psi. It’s one of the most potent versions of the Allison and is found in LB7 and LLY (2001–2005) models.

Author: Jill T Frey