What are the best balanced diet

Balance diet is simply means the diet which gives the nutrients to the body to function well. Vegetables and fruits are the basic needs for balanced diet. But these products are enough for healthy and balanced diet. You have to take grains, eggs, lean, protein etc for balanced diet. You must choose the food and vegetables which contains fats, plants oil, protein, fiber etc. Calories also plays a important part in balanced diet. Study says, a human needs around 1500-2500 calories every day because we need calories to walk, breathing, and for other functions of the body. A balanced diet is very important for the body as our organs needs well nutrients for proper work. Without nutrients, our body will get several diseases, infection etc. Poor diet may get symptoms of cancer, heart attack, obesity, diabetes etc.

To achieve balance diet, we must add the below foods to our daily diet plan:

Fruits: Fruits are the most important for the balanced diet. Apart from the nutrition, fruits gives us the good taste. Always choose the fruits as per their seasons.Fruits contains sugar, which is must for the body as it is a natural source. Apple, Strawberries, Leaches, Pomegranate, Mango, Avocado are some good fruits options which we can intake for balance diet. Doctors mainly advice for apple as there is a proverb that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Fruits specially apple, berries are very useful for weight loss in long term, says a new study. Foods also give us fiber, if fruits be a part of daily diet, then it may help in lower in high blood pressure, lower in cholestrol, reduce obesity. Some fruits also contains phytochemical, this helps to protect from several diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, high blood pressure.

Vegetables: Vegetables are the main source for minerals and vitamins. Green vegetable contains more nutrients. Some green vegetables are spinach, kale, beans etc. Vegetables also provide vitamin A, C, K, iron, proteins. Vegetables is a must for balance diet. It helps to control weight and overall body health. Vegetables also increase immunity power so body can fight against serious diseases like cancer, heart attack etc. Most of the vegetables are having low fat and calories and having more potassium and other nutrients. Potassium helps to reduce high blood pressure, and reduce the chances of developing kidney stone. Fiber in vegetable helps to reduce chloestrol level.

Proteins: Proteins is also must for balanced diet. It is mandatory nutrients for the human body. We can find proteins from milk, egg, pulses. Doctors also suggests to eat egg for proteins. Protein is important for formation and repair of cells. Intake of less protein leads to weak immune system, heart problem and more of protein may give excessive fat and liver problem. Body requires more protein and doctors also suggests for protein when there is an injury, done some surgery etc. Mainly there are three types of proteins, globular, membrane, fibrous protein. Protein also imrove nervous system of human body. Protein also provide energy, which is necessary for body to perform well. Protein also provide collagen which is useful for bone health. Soyabeans are also a great source of protein. The building blocks also knows as amino acids mainly divide in two groups, essential acid which body can not make by himself so we have to intake it by our self and non essential acide which body can produce and we do not require to intake.

Grains: Grains are primary source for nutrients, fiber and vitamins. Intake of grains in regular diet will reduce chloestrol level, high blood sugar. Grains also useful for maintaing weight. Grains also contains a good amount of fiber which is very useful for body. Whole grains also have digestive benefits. Grains also reduces the chloestrol level which is responsible for heart diseases. There are many forms of whole grains like, oats, brown rice, buckwheat etc. Whole grains also reduces the high blood pressure. Study proves that around 20-25% of people using grains having low chances of high blood pressure than the people who don’t eat grains on regularly. Main benefit of intake grains is to control the sugar levels. People eating grains having 20-30% lower chances of getting diabetes then the people dont eat grains as a regular diet. Study also proves that the whole grains also reduces the chances of asthma attack if the children intake the oats in early age. Whole grains also lower the risk of cancers. Whole grains also increase your life, means grains is not only helps to be healthy but you will live longer then other people who don’t intake whole grains in their normal diet.

Fats: Fats provide energy to human body. It is mandatory to take fat in your regular diet. The quality of fat decides the cholestrol level in human body. Human should avoid to intake saturated fat like butter, ghee as this will lead to increase in chloestrol level, diabetes, obesity, heart diseases.Fat is a nutrient. Fats are of diffferent types like-Saturated fat- We can find the saturated fat in meat, meat product, dairy products. Unsaturated fats-It is find in plant oils and this fat is food for health. Monounsaturated fat-This can be find in olive oil, peanut butter etc. This fat may low the cholestrol level.

Everyone should follow balanced diet as the human needs proteins, minerals, nutrients, fat for healthy body. Balanced diet will insure that the human will not suffer with several diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attack, liver problem etc. If human inculdes fruits, vegetables in their diet, they will not fell ill and increase their life as well. Many studies/research has already proven and doctors also advice for balance diet for healthy life. Human should intake fruits in their breakfast and milk products, like milk, curd, salad and green vegetable like spinach, brocolli, in their lunch. Every one has to take low sugar and high nutrition diet and always eat fresh fruits and vegetables so there is harm from them.