I Need A Professional Moving Company – Stat!

It’s the house you’ve always wanted, and it’s now yours. Your realtor has given you the Congratulations! At that point in time, the realization strikes while looking around, “Who’s going to move all this stuff? I need a moving company.” Not many people consider all the details that accompany moving. There are many things that should be done before you move into your new home. A successful home move in Australia or anywhere effectively includes more than enlisting a truck and a bunch of stogie smoking ex-convicts. What you are going to need are removalists. What is a removalist? A removalist is a moving company or van line that enables individuals and organizations to move their merchandise from one place to the next. They offer multi-faced services like packing, stacking, transporting, unloading, arranging of items to be moved. Families, companies, government workers and military staff all have motivations to go to new places. Most importantly, they enable you to move with significant serenity. All that’s left for you is the fun part: set up your fresh start and begin anew. 

What To Look Out for When Using a Removalist 

Before investing in a removalist, begin your research online for companies like Mooval. You want to work with a company that takes pride in securely moving your valuable goods while aiding you in this vital undertaking of your life. The steps you take will make or break your move. Therefore, implementing the proper steps can save you money and hassle. It’s safe to go local. Employ a local moving company, to avoid being deceived by cyber fraud. Obtain as many in-home estimates as you can get. Handling every step online could set you up for a scam. Check accreditations for validity. When living in Australia check the company is certified by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) and the Australian Movers Group (AMG). Read positive and negative commentaries of former clients. Their testimonials will be invaluable. Be careful about substantial deposit requests. Misadventures are a part of life. Ensure the company has Public Liability Insurance for worry-free passage. 

Four Weeks Before the Big Day 

This is a countdown to follow when moving to your new house. Arrange a firm date of your move. Gauge the volume of things you wish to move. Some websites have a volume calculator. Schedule in advance for a removalist, do not wait until the last week. Arrange your travel plans if moving a considerable distance. You may need to secure a hotel or other accommodations. Make a list of mail and begin informing businesses of your new address. Notify appropriate federal and local government facilities of your address change. Contact kids’ new school and daycare. 

Two Weeks Before the Big Day 

Inform utility companies of disconnection and resumption of services. Update your insurance companies with the new information. Make transport arrangements for all of your animals. Begin redirection of your mail with Australia Post. Pay all your outstanding bills. Terminate weekly services like newspaper delivery services. Have your vehicle serviced to avoid delays and unexpected expenses. 

On the Big Day – We’re Moving!

Ensure you read the removalist documents completely before signing and save it. Verify no items were damaged or lost amid the move. Ensure the utilities have been turned on. Find out which days are trash and recycle collection. Update your driver’s registration and license with the new address. If you are satisfied with the services of your removalist, refer them to your friends and relations. Provide feedback on your opinion about the company’s performance.