Finding A Unique Way to Present Photos and Brochures Without Hi-Tech Gadgets

Some products just make me feel nostalgic, back when the times were simpler. Before multi-platform video games and Atari took the stage. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man was the highlight of my week. At that time, we were not allowed to sit on video games day in and day out, as a matter of fact generally they were only an option when we were deathly ill. When daybreak hit, it was time to head outside. We did not have the option to sit around the house “bored”, and we never were. Digging holes, making mud pie, perfumes out of dirt, rose petals, and water. We played with real toys. Bicycles, trucks, baby dolls, and the amazing View-Master. We ate outside and came inside for dinner…usually.

The Revolutionary Viewfinder Toy

The View-Master was one of those toys that now bring that nostalgia. Everyone had one, and each had their own sets of reels for them. Sharing the reels was part of the excitement. The View-Master had been around for decades but was used in many other applications. Photos of beautiful scenery was the original intent behind it, and the unique ability to see in 3d was advanced technology at the time. The pictures were quality negative-type films, but the design of the product gave the View-Master its appeal.

Kids Around the Globe Knew About It!

The toy gained in popularity from the 60’s and forward, I remember them in the 80’s being a standard household product. By then toy companies had taken over production and focused the film reels on animated photographs. Cartoons and characters stimulated most kid’s imaginations. The basic entertainment of the time kept things such as the viewfinder toy a standard for kids worldwide.

A Unique and Memorable Corporate Event

With that same reminiscent factor in mind, imagine if your company used these in place of brochures at conferences. Imagine giving partners and clients the same retro feeling that we all tend to love when remembering the products of our youth? Instead of the simple paper brochure or handout presentation, a 3d retro viewer for your potential clients to engage with the advertising and campaigning! There is no doubt it will make a statement and be talked about for quite some time. The unique implementation of a 3d interactive brochure that deviates from the standard tablet, smart phone, or television screen is somewhat of a revolutionary concept!

Original Party Favors

Birthday parties and events are no exception. Parting gifts for the patrons to take home memories they made that day on a 3d viewfinder is something they can cherish for years to come. Finding those special gift ideas has become harder and harder to come across and designing a special reel of films for each guest is just original. The options are endless, with the ability to create the perfect set of photographs from the event of your choosing whether it is a birthday, wedding, silver anniversary, graduation, or other monumental celebration. It is something fun that guests and family would enjoy looking through to see themselves and loved ones in that retro 3d item everyone enjoyed as children.