Events to Have at a Game Shop

In the 1980’s families frequently got together and spent evenings playing board games. Sometimes during inclement weather, they would spend weekends playing them in between trips out to shove the snow. Social groups formed, sometimes referred to as Ludo Clubs. Today, there is starting to be a resurgence in board game playing. The difference is many of these games are not just board games. There are collectible card games, standard card games, dice games, social games and board games that are much more complex than those from the 1980’s. A board game shop in Adelaide can take advantage of this trend and increase sales. 

Set Aside a Game Play Area in Your Store 

When designing your game store, many stores take up their entire store with sales space. Instead of doing that, make your shop interactive by setting some of the space aside as a game play area for your customers. This area can be used to open and put games on display when the area is not being used for an event. There are many different events you can have though. 

Pre-Release and Release Parties for Collectible Card Games 

There are numerous card games that fall in the collectible card game category. This include games such as Magic, Pokémon and Star Wars card games. A few times a year an additional set of cards is issued for each of those games. Tournaments are popular among the fans of those games at this time. 

As the store owner you can change a registration fee and give out the “starter packs’. Another option is what is called drafts. In drafts each player purchases a certain number of packs. Packs are then passed around the table with players each choosing one card and passing the pack to the player next to them to choose another card. Tournaments are then played with packs given as prizes. 

Monthly Board Game Nights 

Board games today are much more complex than ones from decades ago. Games such as Clue, Life and Monopoly where you could read the rules and learn to play in five minutes are relics at this point. Hosting a night where you introduce a board game and how to play or do this for several games once a week can increase your sales. Adding in a small attendance fee will cover the cost of the games that you open to use for the demonstrations. 

Later in the month you can host a tournament for anyone that wants to play a specific board game. Give out one free entry to anyone that buys that board game at your store. Charge an entry fee for anyone else playing. This establish a prize fund of gift cards. 

These are just a couple ideas of how to increase the foot traffic to your board game store. By establishing your store as more than just a place to shop, you will get more people in the store. The more people you have in the store, the more sales.