How Will Bariatric Surgery Affect My Relationship with Others?

Chances are that if you are preparing to undergo bariatric surgery, your relationship with food has been unhealthy. As part of your preparation, you’ve learned more about the emotional impact food has on your life, why you’ve struggled with your weight and the permanent changes you can expect after the procedure, but while you are looking forward to a fitter, healthier you, others in your life may struggle to adjust. Understanding how your weight loss will affect your friends, co-workers and spouse can help you lay the foundation for a smoother transformation.


Within every workplace are food and relationship dynamics that your weight loss may threaten. Popular food-centric events may no longer appeal to you and as you gain confidence and energy, you’ll need less support from co-workers, making some feel threatened. Consider these ways to make them feel more secure:

– Include them in your surgical preparation. Make … Read the rest

7 Side Effects of Cancer Treatment, and How to Cope with Them

Cancer is a chronic disease found in human body. It is a group of diseases formed by growth of abnormal cells and spread in different parts of the body. There are around 100 type of cancer found in human body like lung cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer and pancreas cancer etc. Cancer is a very painful disease and it’s treatment is also very painful and costly. Chemotheraphy, surgery, radiation therapy are the main cancer treatment and these are longterm in nature and also have some side effects which the patient has to suffer. Side effects may vary in patient to patient. Let’s discuss the side effects of the cancer treatment.

Falling: The patient feels very weak after the cancer treatment. The person who is not able to stand on their feet, or feeling weak having more chances to fall. The person has the more chances to fall when they … Read the rest