DIY Methods for Motor Oil Leaks at Home

Oil leaks left unchecked will get on vital engine seals and rubber hoses that pumps life into your vehicle. This can cause them to degrade at an accelerated rate. Oil leaks are a problem on driveways and leave ugly stains while having a negative environmental impact. There are a lot of various reasons why leaking oil is not a good thing, and the best way to stop it before it happens is with DIY methods and quality products like an oil system rejuvenator that can prolong your engine life. This and other engine products can prevent engine oil leaks while saving money by doing it yourself.

Signs of an Oil Leak

Dipsticks: All engines are designed with a dipstick. If you notice the oil level is lower on the dipstick over a short time, this is a good sign that you have an oil leak.

Blue Smoke: While you are … Read the rest