After Your Unwanted Art Is Gone: Four Tips to Keep the Graffiti Away After Removing It

When your property becomes a spot for vandalism like graffiti, getting the damage cleaned up can be costly. Therefore, you may want to consider improvements to help deter this type of problem, such as installing a fence, adding surveillance or covering areas on public walkways with plants. Here are some of the solutions that will help you keep the graffiti artist away after you have any Graffiti Removal Services remove it:

Adding Surveillance to Catch Culprits in The Act and Keep Them from Coming Back

Simply adding a surveillance system to your property could be the perfect solution to reduce problems with vandalism. When choosing cameras for your surveillance, make sure you quality exterior security cameras. It is also a good idea to install a few dummy cameras and install the real ones in an area that is hard to reach. In addition, you will want to have signs advising of the video surveillance to help deter the vandals.

Simple and Affordable Security Fence Solutions That Will Keep Trespassers Away

Security fences are another improvement that you may want to consider for protecting property from gravity. If there are areas of your property that are easily accessible, installing a security fence is a great way to keep the vandals away. Consider fence designs that cannot easily be painted to deter graffiti of your newly installed security fencing. Having all the right elements for security fencing will make it look better and deter vandals from painting it with graffiti.

Commissioning an Artist to Create an Attractive Mural to Mask Graffiti Damage

Sometimes, you may not really have a problem with artwork or murals. If you want to prevent graffiti artists from painting your property, you could commission an artist to paint a mural to cover unsightly graffiti and make it a less attractive canvas for vandals to paint. This can be a good solution, but it will still have the risk of vandals painting over artwork that you have paid to have done. If you pay for commissioned artwork, you still may want to consider some of the other improvements to prevent vandalism to your property.

Using Greenery, Plants, and Landscaping to Cover Areas That Are Prone to Graffiti

Greenery using plants and landscaping is another way to deter vandals from doing graffiti on your property. To start, you may want to cover areas with climbing plants, such as vines and other fast-growing shrubs or trees. Using trestles is a great way to use plants without damaging materials like exterior walls with brick, siding or stucco. In addition, planting cacti near areas where vandals access your property could help to deter the vandals even more.

These are some tips to help you keep the graffiti artists away after having removal done. If your property has been vandalized, contact the right service for help removing it and keeping it that way. After you have the graffiti removed from your property, you will be ready to start with these improvements to help deter future vandalism and costly repairs.