6 Ways to Make Attractive Brand Names or Brands

A brand name is very influential on the success of a business. Before making a brand name, it needs to be analyzed first. The goal is that the brand name you choose can provide the best identity for the smooth running of your business in the long run.

Let’s take the example of a famous big-class corporate brand, like Google, Android, Facebook etc. The brand name is very close to the community, they control market players online and offline. Well, to make a brand name like them there are tips to do.

To obtain an attractive brand name requires a short time. You have to do some research first, starting from catchy names to free patents. So, first collect existing ideas and then write down the brand name list. Perform in-depth analysis to choose the best brand name. But now you can ask for help with a branding agency if you have trouble making a brand.

In order for you to succeed in choosing a solid and attractive brand name, here are some points that you need to consider before choosing a brand name. Hopefully, the following explanation can provide additional information for you.

  1. Brand name reflects the product offered
  2. Create a Short Brand Name with a maximum of 3 syllables
  3. Brand names are easy to say
  4. Brand Names Have Relationships With Logos
  5. Has its own uniqueness
  6. Check the Name in the Search Engine

Reflecting Products Offered

Reflecting the product offered means that the name of your business brand must be completely in sync with the product offered. For example, the brand name “gear”. The brand name is very unsuitable if your product is in the form of snacks. Because the word gear is more suitable for products that wrestle in the field of Automotive. But if you want to be creative, there are several alternatives and variations that you can try.

You can pay attention and learn from brands that are popular now, you can learn how they take the brand name. Here are some variations.

  • Descriptive Names – Namely brand names that describe products or services that are sold. For example teacups, the name is immediately easily understood by consumers about the product being sold.
  • Name of Acronym – That is to make a brand name with an abbreviation of the name of the company. For example Nassa (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
  • Creative brand names – You can just make a brand name that has nothing to do with the product or service being sold but must go through deep thinking first. For example, The Nike brand name is the name of Greek mythology.

Make a Brand Name that is easy to remember

Making a brand name must think about the ease of the name to remember. Because with a name that is easy to remember, making your product always an option when consumers are looking for related products.

To choose a brand name that is easy to remember, you can do it by finding simple, friendly words in the ears of the community. Or you can look for words that are commonly spoken by the public. You can just create a new brand name that contains words that have never existed, with a note that you still have to pay attention to the convenience to remember and represent the product.

Short Brand Name Maximum of 3 syllables

For your brand name to be easy to remember, make a brand name consisting of a maximum of 3 syllables. For example, we can see Google brand names that only consist of two syllables, namely the words Goo and Gle. Another example is Nikon which consists of two syllables namely Ni and Kon. Now you can look for syllables that give a simple and clear effect, and are easily remembered by your consumers later.

Avoid making a long brand name, along brand name is very difficult to remember, it needs massive promotional techniques such as advertising on television so that the name is attached to the ears of the audience. So, it would be nice to make a short and solid brand name.

Brand names are easy to say

Besides having a maximum of 3 syllables, the brand name you make must be easy to say. Try to call it the brand name that you have chosen loudly, if it is clear, then you can apply the brand name.

We can see how the popular brand names that exist today contain criteria like this, most of the most popular brands are easy and loud brand names when mentioned. Examples of Google, Facebook, Samsung and so on.

Having Relationship with Logo Design

If your brand logo contains a strong message element to your brand name, then your brand will be remembered faster by your audience or consumers. Look for a brand name that can be inserted in the logo you want to use, create a logo that has the strength of your brand.

Have its own uniqueness

So that your business has its own image, try the brand name you choose is a unique name and different from the others. Or you can make a brand name that is more prominent than your competitors. Different and unique names will make consumers and audiences curious about the products or services you offer and then become loyal customers of your business.

Check Brand Name IN Search Engine

To avoid the same brand name, now there is an extremely sophisticated search engine available. Please check the name through Google’s search engine. Enter keywords by typing in your brand name. Google will quickly display the search data you need.

Choose a clean brand name and avoid copyright. Use a list or brand list that you have previously determined to do research on the Google search engine.


To get an attractive brand name, it must be done by doing research first. Collect the chosen and best brand name in your opinion, then choose the best according to the analysis that you have applied.

Can brand names guarantee the success of a business? If we look at it today, there are so many brand names that are hard to remember but have made rapid progress in their business. That means we can know that the progress of a business depends not only on an attractive brand name. It depends on the effort and management that is applied. The business and creativity carried out by business people is an important key in advancing the business that is managed.

Hopefully, this article can help you in choosing and making a unique and interesting brand name.